Home pages, about us pages, landing pages, services pages, portfolio blurbs, donation pages, thank you pages etc.

You don’t need to write a lot when your customer finds their heart behind every word. I’ll help you choose the right wording that resonates with your target audience and moves them to take the desired actions.

Pay per page… yep, that’s right. Control your costs by knowing the fixed cost per project. Get in touch today to find out my rates!


Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google ads, banner ads.

Battling the word limits and size constraints of your ads? You probably have a million things you’d love to say and not enough space to do so.

As a professional wordsmith, I’ll craft a key message in the most eye-catching way for your target viewer, speaking to their thoughts and feelings with few words.


Emails, landing pages/blogs, donation pages, thank you pages, thank you emails etc.

Whether you are after that one stand-out email or a whole email campaign, you can have everything you need to successfuly execute an email campaign.


Sales letters, fundraising appeal letters, coupons, lift pieces, brochures, envelope copy, magazines, newsletters, welcome pathway copy and more!

Through the clever art of storytelling and copywriting, I can help you write a powerful print piece or whole direct marketing campaign that moves your audience to take-up your call-to-action.


Fashion, lifestyle, DIY, food, travel, testimonials etc!

Build rapport with your reader by showing you know your stuff. Become a thought-leader in your industry. Showcase your knowledge.

Get your brand front-of-mind with your consumers by creating content that speaks to their needs, desires, questions and curiosities. Warm them up to your brand to later secure the sale.


Annual reports, product info sheets, press releases, magazine/newsletters, booklets, bios and more!

Professional, on-brand corporate pieces don’t need to be dry and unappealing.

Report back to your customers with transparency; inform and highlight your achievements/products/services with a carefully-crafted piece that sends warm fuzzy feelings about your brand.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn strategy, Facebook Live strategy, LinkedIn articles, training consultion (FB setup and ad training, how to hashtag, measuring analytics, how to use scheduling platforms), content creation.

Increase your engagement and sales with the right content and strategy (yes, that includes finding your hashtags).

Pay per post or let me manage the whole thing. If you’d like a one-to-one training consultation in social media, I can even do private sessions by the hour covering topics tailored to your needs.

What do you get when I write?
  • One-to-one consultation – Here I’ll take time to get familiar with your brand voice. I’ll also ask a few questions about your existing content strategy for the piece, evaluate how it fits within your larger content plan or story arc and jot down any research/reading you need me to know (up to 3 pages).
  •  Keyword research – I’ll look into your product/industry and find key words/search terms that match your audience and goals. I’ll then sow it strategically into the copy for you.
  • Formulation of catchy headlines and subheadings –  Using creativity and principles of marketing, I’ll create a flow in your copy that keeps your audience engaged throughout the piece.
  • Powerful copywriting – Combining learnings from the digital platform and years of fundraising experience, I’ll help your website copywriting captivate the hearts of your target audience.
  • One round of edits –  You’ll get a first draft provided in a Word document where you can markup any edits for a final version.

Hire me as your personal freelance communications coordinator and I’ll help:

  • Create project timelines and to-do lists.
  • Coordinate and maintain supplier relationships.
  • Source the right writers, designers, videographers, printers, mailhouses etc. for your project.
  • Produce and monitor a project budget.
  • Handle the logistics and get your communication piece published/printed or wherever it needs to be.
  • Reduce your costs through my own supplier network rates.
  • Reduce your internal-hiring costs by only paying for a comms assistant when you actually need it.

Get in touch with your project requirements today and I can work out a plan suited to your needs.

Any questions or comments? Leave a reply.