Fundraising meet marketing #2 People

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Fundraising meet marketing. Don’t throw away marketing insights in the name of fundraising. A short blog to discover how you can leverage off some key learnings covering topic #2 PEOPLE.

I’m super excited to unpack this one for you. If you read the previous blog ‘Fundraising meet marketing #1 PRODUCT’ then hopefully your fundraising ask has become fuller and more enticing to the people you are targeting.

In this blog post though I want to be less prescriptive as I understand that depending on what you fundraise it might attract very different people.

So whilst the general consensus in fundraising proves that the older generation will in fact be your most loyal and generous donors, I am going to list out a bunch of questions you can answer yourself to see if you come to the same conclusion.

The questions to ask

  • who responds to your fundraising efforts with giving?
  • does it differ according to channel? If so, do we need to cater to them better on those channels?
  • what are their demographics?
  • what life stage are they in?
  • what are their values? Does your organisation align with these?
  • what is their giving behaviour? Are they loyal, regular, inconsistent etc? Do they require a lot of information first?
  • what are their thoughts, feelings, desires and fears?

Once you understand the above about your target audience, it is easier to then reassess the channels you are using to see if you are speaking to their desires and fears, aligning with their values and connecting with them in the ways they feel comfortable.

From here we can discuss the concept of promotion to this target audience. But we’ll cover that in Fundraising meet marketing #3 PROMOTION.

Remember your objectives

A final thing to remember with identifying your ‘PEOPLE’ is to what objective you are trying to meet. The above I have mentioned is based on targeting who will give. But sometimes in meeting your long-term objectives it will be just as strategic to target a group who will give in a year, 10 years or even 20 years. Targeting people with the intention of warming them up to eventually give can be just as important, so recognising you may have multiple target markets is key!

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