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Fundraising meet marketing. Don’t throw away marketing insights in the name of fundraising. A short blog to discover how you can leverage off some key learnings beginning with topic #1 PRODUCT.

Whether you like it or not, if you produce campaigns to raise funds for your charity’s programs, you market a product. Before you hit escape, offended that I could suggest that your worthy cause ‘sells product’, just hear me out.

Product is made of three parts

In marketing, a product will be made of three parts:

  1. augmented
  2. actual
  3. core benefit

The reason this is key to understand, is that in fundraising the ‘offer’ your campaign is trying to raise money for, will follow the same structure.

Knowing this will actually help you market/fundraise your ‘offer’ better.

Eg. A campaign fundraising for child sponsorships could be seen to be made up of the following parts:

  1. augmented – monthly reports and letters from the child to the sponsor.
  2. actual – food, water, clothes provided monthly to a child.
  3. core benefit – the sponsor makes a difference in the world.

Why you need to fundraise all three parts of your offer

The benefit of understanding this distinction is that you can begin to see the offer through the eyes of the sponsor themselves. Suddenly you realise that simply saying that your $20 a month with help a child, just doesn’t cut it.

Sure, it speaks to the core benefit, but with no explanation of the ‘actual’ or even the ‘augmented’, people don’t know what it looks like tangibly.

When we say that $30 will help sponsor a child. Sponsors have to have a lot of trust in the organisation that they are actually doing something to help them.

When we say that $30 will give clean water and education for a year to a child in need, suddenly the sponsor sees a clear picture in their head of what they are giving to a child.

A donor could literally envision themselves handing them a glass of water or giving them some books. There is no question in their head of ‘what will my help actually be?’

Packaging the product with messaging

When you see all the three parts as a complete package, the product or offer can be enticing to both emotional and rational responders.

The core benefit messaging will touch on the personal interests and desires that motivate someone to give money. The copy you use to communicate what the actual product includes will paint a picture of the tangible parts of the offer. Finally, marketing the augmented part of the product will hit the part of the sponsor who feels happy at getting added little extras along the way.

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