, my name is Liana.

I’m the Founder and Writer here at Climbing Vine Co.

As a wife, daughter, mother (of the cutest little dog), believer and friend, I love to communicate with many different people and learn from all my encounters about how to engage with the thoughts, feelings and motivations of those around me.

I come with years of experience from the not-for-profit sector, where I learnt to write with passion and heart.

Since then I have recognised the advantage this gives my clients in seeing not only charities, but small businesses and social enterprises, succeed in all things content-related.

I have a particular strength in writing to welcome and nurture target audiences into becoming long-term satisfied supporters, customers and advocates of your product or cause.

With a heart for women in business and seeing them rise up to achieve all they have been called to, I love getting to know you, the individual and the people you long to connect with.

Good writing takes time… and that’s the area that makes my heart leap.

If you’d like to work together, it would be my pleasure.

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